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Information on White Family

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  • Started 8 years ago by mountainman52
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  1. mountainman52

    Looking for any information on a Simon T. White or Pharoah White sons of Jonathon White and Nanny Cordell during 1810-1830 period. Supposedly came from Johnston County.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mr. White

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  2. Hello distant cousin.... I got your voice mail, but it's gotten late quickly today. It's good to hear from someone else that's working on a branch of the White family. It's good to hear a bit of confirmation on the Jonathan White & Ann/Nanny Cordell (I think I've seen Nancy written as well).

    I'll try to look tomorrow and see what information I have on Simon.... I always suspected that the older Simon T. White was a brother to Pharoah, they just seemed to crop up in some of the same places and of course, Pharoah named one of his children Simon. I'll also skim through and find the connection to the younger Pharoah you mentioned in your comment. (I went ahead and approved both over at )

    I'll try to see about adding a bit of information tomorrow.


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  3. Here's a long bit of note-taking from a bundle of papers that were essentially the records of Pharoah White's disability pension application process, which ultimately became Malissa White's widows pension application papers. I've tried to record the year that each bit of testimony was recorded to try to derive a birth year, but there are some inconsistencies. I've added some comments, observations in parenthesis.

    Notes on Pharaoh White pension application/ Malissa White widows application.....

    Pharaoh was in the US Navy

    Malissa md. Pharaoh Jan. 21, 1886 by Justice of the Peace Grassy Branch, Buncombe Co., NC

    She had 2 children previously with George Wilson. Semantha Jane and Thomas are the names of the 2 children. Semantha works in the Asheville Cotton Mill and Thomas is in the 14th Arizona Cavalry, Fort Grant Arizona (1903)

    Pharaoh d. Aug. 5, 1896

    Dr. John Barrett of Brankton, Bunc. Co., NC attended him during his last illness.

    Children (of Pharaoh and Malissa)
    Mattie Lee Oct. 25, 1886
    Minnie Sept. 14, 1888
    Kittie Sou March 29,1890
    Bradshaw Dec. 13, 1891
    Rose Ann March 27, 1893
    George Sept. 6, 1895
    Fabe (seen as Gabe in another entry) Feb. 10, 1897

    Pharaoh was married 3 times before Malissa
    1st Nancy Green md. in TN 5 children
    2nd Kate Smith no children
    3rd Sallie Cross (she had been married before - maiden name Hare) she had been dead 18 or 20 years (1903)
    Children Cal, Pless, Penny, Jenny - all are living (except Penny, HE died about 5 years prior to 1903)

    Pharoah was injured onboard ship by a bucket breaking lose and hitting him in the lower abdomen.

    Julia (daughter of Pharaoh and Nancy - ) md. a Jenkins
    Sallie died about 2 years before Pharaoh md. Malissa

    R.A. Hayes (sister of Pharaoh) - Sept. 1903 about 65 years old - widow - 167 south main st. asheville, NC. Her parents took the name Pharaoh out of the bible when they named him. Nancy bd. at Bethesda in Haw Creek. (died abt 27 years bef. 1903) He md. Catherine Smith within a year - she did not live a year. Bd. at Bethesda beside his first wife. Abt. a year after Catherine died, he md. Sallie Cross her maiden name was Hare. She was married to a Cross had one or two children by him. He died, and Pharaoh md. her. - Calvin, Pless, Penny and Jennie. Sallie died suddenly of heart trouble, buried at Gashes Creek where her friends lived, possibly beside first husband. she died in 1885. only her husband and children were there when she died. Died on Haw Creek - Dave Cordell's land.

    Pharaoh, rank - Landsman, USS North Carolina, Ascetny & Keystone State.
    Enlisted June 1864 - discharged April 1865.
    Pharaoh was born in NC - age 69 at death - according to Malissa White
    5'6" when enlisted in TN - farmer by occupation - caucasian fair - blue eyes, hair light.

    Elisabeth Cross (27) and Maggie Fisher (24) testified - 1897 ((Elisabeth?) dau. of Sallie from her first marriage?)

    According to Julia Jenkins - Sallie d. abt 18 years prior to 1902 - April 5th

    Another record - August 9, 189? Pharoah White - 53, had enlisted May 10th 1864 - USS Keystone State - discharged Norfolk, VA May 2nd 1865 - this was August 8, 1890

    March 4th 1892 - Pharaoh - 54 years. Landsman, USS North Carolina

    USS North Carolina, Ascutncy? USS Keystone State - US Navy

    (Astutniy? these are the ships he served on?)

    He was on the Keystone State from Sept. 10 1864 - March 16-1865.

    officers and comrades

    Michael Ball
    Allen P. Littlebridge
    alias Wm Kingham
    Michael H. Moran
    Wm alias John Berry
    alias Shurz?

    April 4th 1887 - Pharaoh - age 55 - 5'2" fair complexion - dark hair, blue eyes
    Had lived in Tenn. near Greenville 3 or 4 years after the war and then moved to NC - Buncombe Co., near Asheville, lived there a few years then moved to Reems Creek.
    Have lived in Buncombe - since moved from TN

    Was under Capt. Cransby on the Keystone State.
    He was at the Battle of Fort Fisher - they captured Fort Fisher - Capt. Cransby and leuitenant Robertson were his officers.

    Pharaoh was consribed in 62 - into Col Joseph McDowell, Battallion which formbed the 60th NC Regt. and was conscribed at Greenville, TN in 1862 - around September.was on the stampeded from the missionary to dalton, GA, near Kenisaw mountain was taking care of some wounded men when the yankees came in sight, raised a flag of truce and they came to him and taken taken to the general and he sent him to the provoce marshall and they sent him to Alton Illinois to prison = he was imprisoned - a US officer came in to see them and asked if they wanted to volunteer in the us army and said he would be back in a few days, he came back and had them examined by a doctor thoroughly and the sound men volunteered a great deal of the men did not stand the examination . Pharaoh, passed the examination and volunteered in the US navy and served to the best of his ability. (“from the Missionary to Dalton, GA”, would be from the battle at Missionary Ridge – the 60th NC was at Chickamauga.)

    At one point in the long process of getting his disability pension he says (referring to the application process) " that if it had (been) this hard to get into the US navey, I would (have) never been a soldier"

    June 1 1864 - USS North Carolina - July 28, 1864
    July 29 1864 Ascutury? - Sept. 9. 1864
    Sept. 10 1864 - Keystone State - March 16, 1865
    Norfolk hospital March 17th - APril 17th , 1865 disability

    From the Navy bureau of recruiting - 1888
    Pharaoh White enlisted June 1st 1864 in Chicago,, Ill. for 3 years as a landsman, place of birth, NC, age at shipment 28 years, occupation farmer, eyes blue, hair brown, complexion dark height 5 feet 8and 1/2 inches scar on back of right arm.

    A D.L. Cordell testified - as to knowing Pharaoh before the war - testified to his prior sound health and his postwar disability.

    (I have seen a David Lewis Cordell referenced - Pharoah rented from a David Cordell in the Haw Creek Community.)

    Jan 28, 1891 medical examination - pulse 72 - resp. 24, temp 99 height 5'7 1/2 " weight 138 pounds age 53. free smoker, poorly nourished, not muscular, rupture in groin - left side - large hydrocele 4 inches in circum. chronic conjunctivitus, dyspepsia.

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  4. What follows is another long post.... most of the census records that I've collected for the White family searching for Pharoah's origins. You'll notice Simon T. shows up more than a few times. I still seem unable to find Pharoah in 1860 - perhaps he's over in Tennessee (he was married in Greene County and is there in 1870...) (CORRECTION: I do have a listing of Pharoah White in 1860 in Greene County listed below I just skimmed too quickly....) I've also followed up on some of Pharoah's children and their families (you may notice towards the end that Simon White (son of Pharoah) had a son named Pharo as well. I thought I had seen a birth record of yet another Pharoah White somewhere along the way, but can't lay my hands on that right now. (I may not have noted it since it wasn't in the direct line.)

    Some of the families that I've made notes of below are probably unrelated, but my goal in this was to try and collect as much as possible and see if I could find any common threads. I've tried to note page numbers were possible and have noted other records to look for (or to look for originals.) I've ordered it chronologically from 1800 where I have some of the White families of Johnston County, including Saul White. I believe Saul White to be Pharoah and Simon's grandfather.

    Summary of White census records

    1800 Johnston Co., NC

    ?Surrell or Turrel? White p. 767
    4 males 0-10
    1 male 10-16
    1 male 26-45
    2 females 0-10
    1 female 10-16
    1 female 26-45
    1 female 45-up

    Saul White p. 767 – we KNOW Saul White, d. 1806 in Johnston, NC – left a will
    07/oct/1806 named spouse Sarah and son Jonathan – need to find a copy!!!

    3 males 0-10
    1 male 10-16
    1 male 26-45
    1 female 10-16
    1 female 26-45

    1810 Johnston Co., NC

    Polly White p. 519 (same page as a Jonathan Caudle) Not necessarily Jonathans mother – this could be the same as Sarah spouse of Saul, that family could have been living with another family and therefore not show up by surname in the census. The ages do seem to work here though.
    3 males 10-16 (one of these may be Jonathan?)
    1 male 16-26 (This could be Willie N. ?)
    1 female 26-45 (Polly..)

    1820 Johnston Co., NC

    Jonathan White p. 183 (Same page as a Nancy Caudle – Cordell is sometimes recorded Caudel/Caudle)
    1 male 18-26
    1 female 10-16

    Willie N. White p. 178
    1 male 26-45
    1 female 16-26

    1830 Johnston Co., NC

    Jonathan White p. 126
    2 males 0-5
    1 male 5-10
    1 male 30-40
    1 female 0-5
    2 females 5-10
    1 female 20-30

    1840 Buncombe Co., NC (no Jonathan in 1840 Johnston Co., NC)

    Ann White p. 172 Same family as 1830 Jonathan?
    1 male 5-10
    1 male 10-15
    1 male 15-20
    1 female 0-5
    1 female 5-10
    1 female 10-15
    1 female 15-20
    1 female 40-50

    1840 Burke Co., NC

    Joshua White 2110010000000-1200010000000

    1850 Greene Co., TN

    Could not find Pharoah White in a family in this county – believe I found Nancy Green however…. Maybe in NC in 1850 ? – Other TN county? Is Pharoah the Eastwood White living with Ann White in Buncombe Co., NC?????

    1850 Guilford Co., NC

    J. B. White p. 278
    John p. 382
    John p. 408
    John p. 351
    John M. p. 310
    Joshua p. 264

    1850 Buncombe Co., NC

    Ann White p. 202
    Ann White 45
    Penelope 13
    Simon 15
    Eastwood 14
    (Next household is a John Hayes, spouse name Ridley with daughter Nancy A. (Ridley is 20.) In the testimony on Pharoahs pension a Mrs. R.A. Hayes testified as Pharoah's OLDER sister giving reference to the spelling of Pharoahs name and how it was chosen. Is Ridley Hayes the R.A. Hayes that testified? Also, Pharoah had a brother Simon – so is Eastwood actually the same as Pharoah???

    F. White p. 327
    J. White p. 327
    James White p. 323
    Moses White p. 217
    Sally White p. 323

    Thomas Forster 75 VA p. 245
    Orra 70 TN
    William P. White 22 lab. SC

    James Norwood 45 teacher
    Sarah F. 29
    William White 35

    Elisha White 32 lab. NC
    Mary 28

    1860 Greene Co., TN (the first number is the housenumber – second is written page.)

    Pharoh White 24
    Nancy 22
    Wm. H. 6/12

    1860 Buncombe Co., NC

    Berry White 34 NC
    Eliza 25
    James 7
    Ann 6
    Wm. 4
    Arch. 3
    Mary 1

    Simon White 26 NC
    Zildah 24
    Edwin 5 mos.
    Ann 56 SC

    William P. White 31 SC
    Harriet 22 NC
    James 5
    Frank 2
    Jefferson 22 SC

    John White 62 SC
    Sarah 52
    John 28
    Jefferson 22
    Joseph 17
    Thomas 15
    Henrietta 8 NC
    J.M. Wadkins 27 NC

    1870 NC
    Pharoah White not found in NC index – need to look for Nancy perhaps? Check TN – found in TN

    1870 Greene Co., TN

    White, Pharoah 33?? NC
    Nancy 30 NC
    Julia A. 6 TN
    Simon 2 TN

    1870 Buncombe Co., NC

    Berry White 44 NC
    Sarah E. 38
    Mary E. 10
    Nancy E. 7
    Eddy H. 5
    Robert L. (C?) 3
    Salisbury 2
    Lilla R. 8 days b. June

    Simon White 37 NC
    Zilla 36
    Francis 10 (m)
    Lunna (Sunna?) 8
    Neppa J. 4 (m)
    William E. 3
    Mary H. 10/12 b. sept.
    Sophia Orr 38

    (Flat Creek)
    house #12
    Rachel White 72 NC
    Rhoda A. 42 NC
    Robert W. 39
    G.M. White 34 (m)
    Clara S. 24
    Finley S. 1

    house #14
    W. M. White (m) NC
    Feby A. 24
    Louisa A. 1
    not named 6/12 b. March (f)

    house #110
    Jefferson J. White 32 SC
    John 76
    Joseph 26
    Henrietta Wilfong? 17 NC
    Sarah 64
    William 20

    house #113
    Harriet White 33 NC
    James 13
    Lilla 8

    house #120
    Thomas L. White 23 NC
    Rosa E. 31
    William F. 3
    Sarah H. J. 4/12 b. Sept.
    Walter N. Rice 11
    Alfred W. (Rice?) 8

    (Of interest)
    Patience Hair 60 NC (Pharoah's mother in law)
    Henry 20
    Betsey 18
    Thomas 17
    Jennet 14
    Sophia 13

    1880 Buncombe Co., NC

    Pharoao White 48 NC NC NC (look for original record)
    Sarah 30 same
    Julia A. 16
    Simon T. 12
    Margaret 10
    Pleasant 3
    Calvin 3
    Pennie 2
    Margaret Fisher, family NC MO NC

    S. T. White 48 NC--NC
    Zilla 43 NC--NC
    Lou? A. 18 (f) NCNCNC
    William E. 12
    Mary A. 10
    Terrissa 8
    James V. 2
    Mary Huggins 90 m.inlaw NC----
    Safronna Orr 48 family NC--NC

    1910 Buncombe Co., NC

    Vol. 10 (searched p. 179a-202a - no sign of John P. White - some of it is VERY difficult to read though.)

    p. 180a
    Calvin White 37 NCNCNC
    Adlice? 38 (md. 16 years)
    Luther 14
    Lorrie? 13
    Dick? 3

    p. 185b
    Simon White 47 NCNCNC
    Sarah 36
    ?Alice 19
    Sue 17
    Lenoir 11
    Pinkney 6
    Elminiz 5
    Jackson 2
    Katie? 6/12

    1920 Buncombe Co., NC

    Vol. 11.
    p. 186b
    Pleasant White 49 NCTNNC
    Lillie 46
    Flocy 14
    Corrie 6
    Jennie 3 3/12
    Ida 1 9/12
    Larnce 7/12

    next house
    Simon T. White 57 TNTNNC
    Sarah 47 NCNCSC
    Pinkey? 15
    Ella M. 13
    Jackson 12
    Kitty 10
    Ruby 7
    Pharo 5

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  5. Another file that I have connecting the dots between the Cordell's and the White's. Nothing new, just drawing connections between the testimony above, the census, etc...

    D. Cordell (Dave whome Pharoah rented land from?) testified to Pharoah's health having known him from _before_ the war. I only find 1 Dave Cordell in NC in 1850, Swann. Buncombe, NC He seems to be a son of Alsey Cordell who shows up on p. 142a of 1840's census. Judging by his birthdate (Dave's) he would have been b. 1835 ish, about the same age as Pharoah (give or take a couple years.)

    So, it seems the Cordells were in Buncombe before the war..... Let's recheck the White's.

    There is an Ann White in 1840 living near a _____ Cordell (seems I've looked at her before as possibly Pharoah's mother.

    Then in 1850 we have Ann White (next household is John Hayes with wife Ridley?) This could be R.A. Hayes who testified as Pharoah's sister!!! The children with Ann are Penelope 13, Simon 15 and Eastwood 14. Pharoah is not listed *(unless he's going by a first or middle name?) He should be 14-18 at this time.

    Another note - Dad mentioned that the name Cordell seemed as though it may fit somewhere in there (I.e. someone was a Cordell who md. a White)

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  6. Skipping back to Johnston County..... The will of Saul White proved in 1806.... lists sons Jonathan and William, wife Sarah. I believe the son Jonathan is the same that we suspect is father of Simon T. and Pharoah....

    The Will of Saul White 1806 Johnston Co., NC

    In the name of God Amen.
    I Saul White of the County of Johnston and State of North Carolina being sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say.

    First I recommend my soul to God who gave it. Trusting in his mercies and merits of my redeemer for remission of all my sin. And as to such temporal estate as hath pleased God to bestow on me after all my just debts are paid I give bequeath and dispose of in the following manner.

    Item - I lend to my beloved wife Sarah White the land and plantation whereon I live during her life also my household furniture and plantation tools and horse and all my stock of cattle and hogs and my will is that so much of my personal estate be so at discretion of my executors as will be sufficient to satisfy all my just Debts.

    Item - I give and bequeath to my two sons Jonathan White and William White after my wife deceases the said land and plantation whereon I now live to be equally divided between them to them, their heirs and assignees for ever also all my personal estate after my wife deceases and do hereby appoint my beloved wife Sarah White Executrix and my friend Jacob Johnson Executor of this my last will and testament and do hereby disannull all former wills by me made declaring this and no other to be my last will and testament.

    I witness whereof I have hereunto is my hand and seal this seventh day of October 1806
    Saul (his X mark) White

    Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of us.

    ?R. Rivers?
    Isaac Johnson

    (Will proven November term 1806)
    Johnston Co., NC

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  7. The above is most of the raw data I've collected and transcribed for the computer. I may have a few other stray notes tucked away in my family tree maker database or printed files, but I think this covers 95% of what I have.

    I wonder if the continual testimony and fight over Pharoah's disability pension plus the sudden death of Sarah Hare isn't what added up to the story that he was accused of killing his wife. I would imagine it could have taken less to start a rumor like that. I don't know how many different times he had to go and submit to a doctors exam and give testimony.

    Pharoah and Malissa are buried in a little cemetery on the hill across the road from the Vance Birthplace here in the Reems Creek Area. I've also visited a cemetery at Bethesda Methodist Church (in the Haw Creek area) where there are several of the White family buried and several of the Cordell family. I don't recall immediately, but Simon T. White may be buried there. (I think that's in the other 5% of notes that I haven't transcribed...)

    By the way, any idea what the middle initial T stood for? Simon T. White?

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  8. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I do have images of many of the census records listed above if you would be interested in copies of the original census sheets.

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  9. A few other odds and ends.... the cemetery where Pharoah is buried is called Vance Cemetery.

    I have found a marriage for Jonathan White and Nancy "Ann" Cordell of March 1, 1820. *I am not sure how her name was recorded in that - I think it may have been Nancy Cordell.

    Following up on Saul White and spouse Sarah....

    From various notes (including one summary below, Saul (Solomon) White md. Sarah Stevenson in 1792 in Johnston County. There was only one Saul White in Johnston Co., NC at the time, I suspect that Jonathan was his son (Supposedly he is listed in the will which I need to find a copy of.... (1806)) If that Jonathan is indeed Pharoahs father then we are starting to get a fairly good picture of this branch of the family after many years as the "brickwall"....

    Currently all that I have on the ancestors of Sarah Stephenson have been taken from other sources online, VERY little firsthand research to back it up, although it looks as though someone has done some good homework.....

    Message Board Post:

    Isaac Johnson (b. about 1770) was the son of Frederick Johnson and
    wife Sarah Stevenson of Johnston County, North Carolina. Frederick Johnson
    first appeared in Johnston County, NC on July 17, 1764 when he purchased
    250 acres on the South side of Middle Creek from Joel Johnson (DB D-1,
    p. 170). On May 22, 1769, he sold 100 acres of this same tract to George
    Johnson (DB Trs-2, p. 7). Prior to May 24, 1769, Frederick Johnson had
    married Sarah Stevenson, daughter of Solomon Stevenson, Sr., for on that
    date the Johnston County Court minutes show that a deed from Frederick
    Johnson and wife Sarah to Solomon Stevenson was recorded (not found in
    deed books). On Feb. 26, 1772, he again deeded 100 acres to Solomon Stevenson
    (DB H-1, p. 14). A third conveyance to Solomon Stevenson for 40 acres
    on the South side of Middle Creek occurred on October 20, 1777 (DB I-1,
    p. 178). On May 27, 1780, he purchased 100 acres on the south side of
    Middle Creek from George Johnson (DB L-1, !
    p. 131). Frederick Johnson
    died prior to May 29, 1781 when Sarah Johnson was granted administration
    of his estate. The fact that his estate was rendered in court at the same
    time as his brother-in-law Solomon Stevenson, Jr. suggests that their deaths
    may have been connected. Frederick Johnson's account of sales was made
    on Aug. 26, 1781. On May 27, 1782, the Johnston County court ordered that
    his estate be divided between his widow and orphans and the division was
    carried out on August 26, 1782. On Nov. 29, 1784, Jacob Johnson age 12
    was placed under the guardianship of his uncle James Stevenson, and the
    following day Isaac Johnson was placed under the guardianship of his uncle
    John Stevenson. Some years later on May 28, 1793, the court appointed
    a committee to adjust the estate of Frederick Johnson with his administrator
    Sally Johnson. The residue of the estate was divided among Sally Johnson,
    Isaac Johnson, and Jacob Johnson.

    After the death of Frederick Johnson,
    his widow Sarah remarried to Travis Johnson (Johnston Co. Will devised
    Oct. 13, 1790, Proven Nov. 1790). Sarah Johnson and her son Isaac Johnson
    served as executors to the will of Travis Johnson and on March 3, 1791
    they submitted an inventory of his estate. On Sept. 27, 1792, Sarah (Stevenson)
    Johnson married thirdly Solomon "Saul" White (Johnston Co. Will devised
    Oct. 7, 1806, proven Nov., 1806). Sarah White and Jacob Johnson served
    as executors to the 1806 will of Saul White, and Isaac Johnson was one
    of the witnesses.


    From another online source

    Sarah Johnson STEVENSON(850) (#1555) was born in Southampton, VA 1750/1756. Sarah died AFT 24 Nov 1806 at approximately 55 years of age. She married three times. She married Frederick JOHNSON BEF 24 May 1769. (Frederick JOHNSON is #1705.) (Additional notes for Frederick JOHNSON(851)) Frederick died BEF 29 May 1781. She married Travis JOHNSON BEF 1790. (Travis JOHNSON is #1706.) (Additional notes for Travis JOHNSON(852)) He made a will in Johnston, NC, 13 Oct 1790. Travis's will was probated in Johnston, NC, 30 Nov 1790. She married Solomon (Saul) WHITE. (Solomon (Saul) WHITE is #1707.) (Additional notes for Solomon (Saul) WHITE(853)) He made a will in Johnston, NC, 7 Oct 1806. Solomon's will was probated in Johnston, NC, 24 Nov 1806.

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  10. From the Index of NC Troops - Company K. 60th Regiment NC...

    Simon T. White - private

    Resided in Buncombe County and was by occupation a farm laborer prior to enlisting in BUncombe County at age 28, May 15, 1862 for the war. Hospitalized in Dalton, Georgia, December 31, 1862 with Typhoid fever. Returned to duty on February 4, 1863. Reported present through June 30, 1863. Reported absent sick in July-October 1863. Returned to duty in November-December, 1863. Reported present in January-August, 1864. No further records. Survived the war.

    Pharaoh White - private

    Enlisted in Buncombe COunty on May 15, 1862, for the war. Reported present in November 1862-February 1863. Reported absent sick in March-October 1863. Hospitalized at Griffin, Georgia, November 2, 1863. Returned to duty in December, 1863. Reported absent sick from January 12 through February 29, 1864. Returned to duty in March-April 1864. Captured at Resaca, Georgia May 15-16, 1864. Sent to Nashville, TN. Transferred to Louisville, Kentucky, where he arrived on May 21, 1864. Transferred to Alton, Illinois, where he arrived on May 25, 1864. Released at Alton on or about June 10, 1864, after taking the Oath of Allegiance and joining the US Navy. (Was about 27 years of age at time of enlistment.)

    There is also a Joseph R. White that enlisted the same date - likely unrelated.

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